Maintaining a Web Presence

Whilst trying to write this, I was struggling to think about what I should include in my first article on my new website. Should I be truthful and speak frankly about the reasons behind making this website, or should I try to justify it through other means?

Well, to put it frankly a web presence is a necessity for a computer scientist these days, and by not making one I was effectively in the dark ages. That obviously is no longer the case. Finally I have a website that would make a much younger version of me very happy, apart from the distinct lack of BBCode.

But either way, here I am; finally with a website to call my own. A fairly niche (but none the less good) way of showing that I actually have a life and do actively participate with in the tech community. Although, it has taken me a few days to actually decide upon the contents of this blog post that you are reading now. Preferably this should be worked on such that later posts do not take days or weeks to complete.